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We would like to introduce Chiaki Boshi (Read her story), who is Sa-Rah's clothing designer and maker. She uses only natural fibers, especially linen. 

Chiaki has a strong passion for the fabric she uses. She recently traveled to Lithuania and met a linen weaver there, because she wanted to know more about linen and its charm. 

Chiaki said that there are still people in Japan who are unfamiliar with linen. The typical image of linen is as a summer fabric, easy to wrinkle, hard to wash at home.

However, Chiaki has transformed the beauty of linen into Sa-Rah’s garments:

  • Everyday clothing - It is everyday clothing that you can wear throughout the year, not only in summer.
  • Benefits from natural texture - The linen’s natural texture, including its wrinkles, perfectly suits the design, color and style of Sa-Rah garments.
  • Easy maintenance - All Sa-Rah clothing is machine washable at home.

Sa-Rah makes clothing that blends into your life naturally! 

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