Small things are beautiful

Our life is surrounded by objects – the everyday items that we use and wear. We experience a special feeling through using these everyday items.

Abundance is found in small things – the things could be objects or everyday events. The attitude of seeing and feeling abundance is what creates it.

wabizest was born in Melbourne, Australia from our desire to create an uplifting experience for you. It has been brought to life to help you remember how small things are beautiful. Through wabizest, we hope you will find abundance in small things.

Through wabizest, we introduce the works of individual artisans, craftsmen and designers, as well as their enthusiasm for life. We continue to visit them at their ateliers in Japan and other countries.

We interview them, take photos and make videos, because we want to share with you who they are and how the process of making an object is a profound and beautiful thing. We are proud of them and feel fortunate that we still have such people making beautiful objects in this modern world. We sell their works through our online store. Our collection of everyday items is made (in fact, most of them are handmade) in small quantities by each artisan, craftsman or designer. They work with passion and care. Many things take a long time to make. For example, most bowls can take a few weeks to make.

Our aim is to create opportunities for you to

  • Value your individual aesthetic sensibilities
  • Have an item in your daily life that you really like
  • Enjoy using the items over a long period of time

Over time, items that we use acquire dirt and scratches. We can see this damage as beauty, not as wear and tear.

We want to bring abundance to you through wabizest.