Oval dish with off-white glaze
Oval dish with off-white glaze Oval dish with off-white glaze Oval dish with off-white glaze Oval dish with off-white glaze, back Oval dish with off-white glaze, back 2 Oval dish with off-white glaze, style

This oval dish has beautiful curves in a natural creamy color. It is made by the Japanese potter Takashi Sato. The surface is finished in an attractive and practical off-white glaze that coordinates easily with other tableware and cookware you may already own.

There are a few iron spots when you examine the plate closely. These are an integral part of its natural, hand made appeal. 

The dish has a decent height of approx 4.5cm (1.8"). It has enough surface capacity to use the plate for main meals such as stews or as a serving dish for a shared plate. The timeless shape and natural color matches a variety of foods and everyday meals. 

Takashi Sato makes simple and natural ceramics by hand. His ceramics are ideal tableware for daily use.

Approximate Size: Length: 25.5cm (10") Width: 20cm (7.9") Height: 4.5cm (1.8")

Care: Hand washing with soap and sponge is recommended. 

Note: Size, shape, color may slightly differ from the actual product, as it is made by hand. Each product is unique and will slightly differ from the photo. 

About maker
The potter Takashi Sato makes simple, white ceramic tableware. Creating a beautifully simple object is not a simple task. Takashi Sato has been creating ceramic tableware at his studio in his hometown, a quiet suburb sounded by rice fields in Ouma, Kitakyushu since 2004. Before that, he settled at Okada gama (Okada Kiln) at Hagi in Yamaguchi and studied traditional Japanese Hagi ware under the master Yu Okada for six years. Hagi ware is traditional Japanese ceramics from the Hagi region in Yamaguchi. Read more