Leather tote bag in navy, front
Leather tote bag in navy, front Leather tote bag in navy, flat Leather tote bag in navy, inside Leather tote bag in navy, inside pocket

This stylish tote bag in navy has a minimalist style and is hand sewn by Hiroshi Inai. You can see beautiful hand stitching in black linen thread when you look closer. It is a traditional European couture sellier technique. 

This bag is made from high quality "Nappa" leather in navy produced by the Italian tanner Badalassi Carlo. The "Nappa" leather is soft and smooth to the touch. 

The tote bag has a decent size and strength. While there is no gusset (flat base), you can easily fit a notebook PC, or an iPad and other small things like parcels inside. The strap length makes the bag easy to carry on your shoulder. 

The bag has one inside pocket for items like a large smartphone or wallet. The stylish shape of the bag expresses simplicity and is based on Japanese minimalist aesthetics. It perfectly blends into a minimalist lifestyle.

Hiroshi creates leather products entirely by hand for his label named "qan:savi." All techniques and processes are performed by hand. He does not use machines at all. You can see the hand crafted beauty of the fine details in these products. 

Material: The leather is "Nappa" in navy leather produced by the Italian tanner Badalassi Carlo. Waxed linen thread. 

Size: Length: 37cm (14.6") Length including strap: 61cm (24") Width: 33cm (13")
Please note that because it is a hand made product, the measurements may differ slightly from the actual size. Each bag has a natural and unique leather grain. 

About maker
qan:savi is the name of the leather goods label designed and handcrafted by Hiroshi Inai. The name "qan:savi" is pronounced like “kansabi” in Japanese. It is named after the Japanese word “kansabiru”, meaning “kan (kami) – god” and “sabiru – rusting.” “kansabiru” is ancient concept in which aged objects (or buildings) are seen as dignified or divine. You can feel a dignified quality in aged objects. Read more