Cache-coeur dress in sumikuro gray-brown linen
Cache-coeur dress in sumikuro gray-brown linen Cache-coeur dress front Cache-coeur dress back Cache-coeur dress back neckline Cache-coeur dress pocket Cache-coeur dress in sumikuro gray-brown linen, pocket 2

A cache-coeur dress is one with an elegant cross front that creates a delightfully feminine look. The adjustable side tie enables this dress to fit a range of body types. It has two side pockets.

Material: European linen 100%

Size: One size only. Length: 108cm. Width: one width fits all (adjustable side tie).
Please note, the size may differ from the actual size, as all Sa-Rah clothing is washed after being sewn and is sold as is.

Care: It is machine washable at home. 

About maker
Sa-Rah is a clothing brand designed and produced by the clothing maker Chiaki Boshi. Chiaki creates her Sa-Rah original clothing by designing what she would want to wear herself. She uses natural materials – mainly cotton and linen. It is sustainable and comfortable clothing, machine washable at home so that it can be worn in your everyday life. Read more