"Only One" Wide Pants Long in cotton blue
"Only One" Wide Pants Long in cotton blue "Only One" Wide Pants Long in cotton blue front "Only One" Wide Pants Long in cotton blue back

This "Only One" wide pants long have a comfortable cut, along with complex colour combinations. The wide culottes' roomier style bottom with beautiful color combinations creates a unique style. The wide pants are woven using the traditional Japanese "Banshu-Ori" technique at the tamaki niime® weaving atelier in Japan. The elasticized waistband fits a wide variety of different body shapes.

This item is an "Only One" item. The tamaki niime® "Only One" concept means that the pants in this photo is one-off item. There is only a single pair of the pants in existence with these colors and cut. Tamaki Niime chooses different thread colors for every single "Only One" garment, so that each item is totally unique from the garments woven before and after it.

Material: Cotton 100% 

Size: One size only. Width at waist: 35cm (elastic waistband). Length: 92cm (long) 

Care: We recommend hand washing with a temperature of maximum 30ºC or 86ºF. Do not bleach. 

About maker
A designer as well as a clothing maker, Tamaki Niime creates truly unique garments through transforming traditional "Banshu Ori" textile techniques into the tamaki niime® original production method. Read more