Scarf "Roots Shawl" in wool & cotton - salmon & blue
Scarf "Roots Shawl" in wool & cotton - salmon & blue Scarf "Roots Shawl" in wool & cotton - salmon & blue Scarf "Roots Shawl" in wool & cotton - salmon & blue, flat Scarf "Roots Shawl" in wool & cotton - salmon & blue, crumpled

This shawl has a beautifully feather-light, warm, soft touch against your skin, thanks to its delicate blend of wool and cotton, as well as the specialized weaving technique. Cotton thread for the warp and wool thread for the weft are loosely woven into this shawl. 

It uses different thread colors for warp and weft, creating a complex interplay of color that makes each shawl a totally individual experience.

The unique soft, feather-light touch texture and color are woven into this beautiful shawl using the traditional Japanese "Banshu-Ori" technique at the tamaki niime® weaving atelier in Japan. The unique version of the traditional Banshu-Ori weaving method has been pioneered by Tamaki Niime. 

Tamaki Niime and her team monitor every step of the weaving process with as much care as hand weavers would use. She does not want to mass produce. Tamaki Niime creates only a few identical copies (about three shawls) using the same combination of thread colors. 

Material: Wool 70% & Cotton 30% 

Size: Length: 190cm. Width: 53cm.
Please note, the size may differ from the actual size, as the finished fabrics are washed after weaving. 

Care: We recommend dry cleaning. In case a yarn is pulled loose, stretch the fabric in all directions to adjust, and cut off the rest of the yarn.

About maker
A designer as well as a clothing maker, Tamaki Niime creates truly unique garments through transforming traditional "Banshu Ori" textile techniques into the tamaki niime® original production method. Read more