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Today we have shot photos for our new collection of ceramics in our living room (many successful businesses have started in a living room!). Our theme for the ceramic shoot is experimental color styled with the blessings of nature - vegetables, fruits and colored fall leaves (we are in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is fall right now)

The ceramics are from the Japanese potters Takashi Sato, Yuichiro Suzuki and Satoko Suzuki. Their ceramics represent simplicity and blend naturally into your daily life. The plates, cups and bowls have a beautiful shape and are completely handcrafted. The shapes and colors of the ceramics convey their warmth to us. Imperfection creates art from beauty. Handcrafted works are an expression of the beauty of uniquely individual existence. You can see those imperfections as a particular flavor that expresses the essence of the Japanese aesthetic concept of "wabi."    

We will soon add those products to our shop, together with stories about the makers. We will also soon eat the vegetables that we used for the photo shoot! 

Side note: Those magnificent and petite organic vegetables and fruits we used for the photo shoot are from Natural Health Supplies and The Leaf Store in Elwood, Melbourne (only the newspapers are from Japan!). They both have great organic produce. Natural Health Supplies is a tiny but charming store. It is Melbourne’s longest running organic food store. The Leaf Store has a stylish interior, along with a good range of organic vegetables and health foods. Both places are great.