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Naming subtle colors is not an easy task. 

People may see color differently, like the dress which caused lots of debate a few month ago. Was it blue and black or white and gold? I thought there was no question that it was a blue & black dress, but interestingly our perception of color may differ from person to person. 

We have a new textile collection from Chika NagamoriChika is a textile designer and hand weaver. She hand dyes threads by herself because she cannot find the thread colors she likes. Chika said that she created about 50 colors for products she made for wabizest.

When I added her products, I realised that naming colors is not easy task. My choice of color names like olive green or light blue may not be appropriate for some people. What I named "pink" covers a range of different colors. 

If we use only a single color of thread, we may not see all of its beauty. But when that thread color is combined with other thread colors, we see a broader spectrum of its beauty.

I have included photos of these textile details here. Whatever we call the colors, they are certainly beautiful!