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We tend to have imaginary or symbolic meanings for colors. White can imply holiness, innocence, purity and many other values. Are these ideas intrinsic, or are they based on cultural values?

There were no words for color in old Japanese. People expressed not specific colors but grades of brightness or darkness. Only four colors are expressed in words, which are “White”, “Black”, “Red” and “Blue.” Examples of this around found in Manyoshu, the oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry. White is the most used color in the Manyoshu, in examples such as white clouds, white birds, white hair, white cloth, white snow, white waves, white dew etc.

In ancient Japan, white means exposure and clarity. “Shiro” means "white" in Japanese. The origins of the word "shiro" are the words "shiroshi" and "shirushi," which both mean "remarkable" or "striking." 

White contains every color in the light spectrum. It has a strong and silent presence.

We have a collection consisting of white products from a range of different designers and craftspeople. These white items express the full spectrum of Japanese and Western meanings of the word "white" 

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