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Imagine a potter who has loved the beauty of natural clay since his teenage years. This potter is named Katsufumi Baba. He trained in pottery in Shigaraki, Shiga prefecture and now makes ceramics in Kuruma, Kyushu. Traditional Shigaraki ware is characterized by its rough clay texture. Shigaraki ware is a prime example of Japanese aesthetics. Its beauty has been appreciated by tea masters throughout history. The Japanese concept of beauty is expressed not only through visual appearances, but also through the quality of experiences. 

We have added a new hand made ceramic tableware collection created by Katsufumi Baba. The collection includes cups, teapots, mug, bowl, sauce cruet and vase.

The ceramics made by Katsufumi Baba embody the essence of Japanese beauty. Their texture, their color and their shape combine to express this beauty. They will make your coffee break, tea time or dinner deeply calm and peaceful. 

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