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Japan is the country where craft is most highly appreciated. Throughout Japan, in every region, a culture of valuing traditional crafts can be found. In the last decade, there has been a new movement of craft culture in Japan. This new era of craft appreciation is reflected in people's growing interest in quality of life. 

Japanese has access to advanced technologies, a variety of beautiful and unique products from all over the world, a choice of meticulous services and enormous amounts of information. 

There is no single answer to the question why craft products are so attractive to the Japanese. One of the reasons is related to changing life values. Japan went through a stage of rapid economic development, then experienced a bubble economy and next a recession. This led to more and more people returning to less materialistic values, as well as seeking a more meaningful lifestyle. Such people tend to appreciate craft products. 

People carefully choose which foods to eat, which products to use and which producers will supply these items. People prefer products that they can use over a longer period of time, instead of consumer items with planned obsolescence. They want to have a more meaningful relationship with the products they use. 

Our new ceramic collection comes from the Japanese contemporary potter Yuko Matsuzaka. She creates tableware, hoping that people can use in their daily lives for a long time, because that is what she does herself. Read more about Yuko Matsuzuka... 

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