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Japan's long history of cute animals as cartoon characters

When you travel to Japan, you will see cute cartoon characters in ads, billboards and company logos everywhere you go. Dogs or cats are popular - from a courier company's black cat logo, to warning signs featuring a dog wearing a police uniform, to dentist ads that depict a cat wearing a nurse's...

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Two hours vs Five minutes

The leather craftsman Hiroshi Inai (read his story) takes two hours to hand stitch leather that would take only five minutes using a sewing machine. One of the benefits of hand stitching is its strength. Hand stitching gives strength to leather goods. Machine stitching has a front thread and a back thread. The...

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wabizest is born!

We are pleased to launch wabizest today! wabizest was built by two people who love sustainable living. Our definition of sustainable living is a fulfilled life. It is about cherishing our daily life – valuing and seeing beauty in things we use everyday, people we meet and interact with, the environment we live in. It...

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